A light bulb that shines your eyes instead of digital cameras.

What is LiShield?

LiShield is a state-of-the-art technology to corrupt the images or videos taken by consumer digital cameras, but still allow human eyes to capture without any problem. The system uses a carefully designed flickering LED light pattern.

LiShield's Impact.

LiShield was first introduced at 2017 International Conference on Mobile Computing (MobiCom). Since then, this technology has attracted lots of public attention. It was nominated as best demo award in the conference and was chosen as 2017 SIGMOBILE research highlight and 2018 Communications of ACM research highlight.

LiShield was advertised by IEEE Spectrum, ACM News, BBC News, Yahoo News, etc. and 100+ public media in 10+ languages around the globe.

Original Paper.

Automating Visual Privacy Protection Using a Smart LED


We are doing more testing experiments. Stay tuned on more pictures of our lab prototype.

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